Thursday, January 31, 2019


With the end of January approaching I realise that one month of the new year already is gone and I didn´t touch any of my personal artistic endeavours so far. Here are some of  the projects I plan to continue or even finish in 2019:

    1. developing a story arc for a comic  based on this
    2. pencil drawings waiting since a year to get finally inked  continuing this
    3. finalise one of two comic sculptures and starting the second one
    4. filling some pages in my sketchbook
    5. testing my new lego-camera-dolly-slider setup outdoors old mark 1
    6. mastering music tracks (starting with the early ones) and finally upload them somewhere
    7. recording older guitar pieces of mine (as long as I am able to play them)
    8. writing down my music for others to play and creating new music tracks
    9. resuming doing plein-air paintings I quite enjoy but somehow didn´t do for a while

The split between work and personal projects is not easy. Unfortunately earning money to pay the rent is more important than living out ones creativity. Nevertheless I try to get something done. What are your plans for this year?