Thursday, December 26, 2019


Like last year I was lucky to find an idea for a personal christmas gift. This time it is a Memory game where you can have your own photos printed on and with the well known brand logo it looks like an official item you could buy in a store. It took some thinking which pictures I should use, till I realised the photos from my hometown I uploaded on Instagram would be perfect. When I photograph something I usually tend to focus on details or just sections of the subject, what came in handy for the game's card size. I wonder, if this could be a product sold locally for tourists or people who are also interested in lesser known places of my hometown?

Friday, December 6, 2019

new old tools

Last week I asked at my dentist if they still have some old dentist instruments they might not need anymore. Recently while I did this sculptures I remembered that 30 years ago when my mother used to work as a potter, she had these tools as well. Those tools where lost over time, the happier I was getting "new" ones from my dentist. I am looking forward to use these instruments the next time I am sculpting something new.

Letzte Woche beim Zahnarzt hatte ich nachgefragt, ob sie nicht noch altes Besteck hätten, was sie nicht mehr bräuchten - hätte ich fast vergessen. Als ich letztens an diesen Figuren gearbeitet hatte, viel mir wieder ein, daß meine Mutter damals als Keramikerin solche Instrumente auch benutzte. Welche mittlerweile längst verschollen sind, um so mehr habe ich mich über die "neuen" von meinem Zahnarzt gefreut. Mal sehen, wie es sich mit denen beim nächsten Mal modellieren läßt.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

new portfolio

I created a new portfolio page, the old one implemented in this blog was a bit limited. Now the appearance is less cluttered and the different areas of animation production have their individual pages. I also wanted to seperate personal stuff from work. Some details are not as I wanted them to be but I am no software engineer, so for now this has to be it.
The animation section has some new clips from recent projects. Feel free to have a look, cheers!